Shelly's Story

Our founder Shelly has one simple aim. To help bring delicious, authentic curry to your kitchen.

“I spent early childhood in Brick Lane at the heart of London’s Bangladeshi community. Food was always central to our gatherings and was an expression of love shared with friends and family.

My mother and grandmother always cooked fresh curry at the home and made it look so easy. As a child I wanted to get involved and cook so my mum would arrange all the spices into a small bowl, ensuring I would always cook a delicious-tasting curry everyone would enjoy.

Inspired by this memory and my family recipes, I set to work and BANG Curry was born.”

Shelly was recently nominated one of the World’s recognized, Top 10 chefs in Bangladesh.

The Top Ten Chefs – Around the World

Enjoyed in over 250,000 kitchens

Discover BANG!’s multi-award winning range in an array of delicious, authentic flavours that will have you licking your plate clean, that’s BANG!’s promise. It’s undeniable that food has an incredible way of strengthening the bonds we have with those we love; and that’s why all BANG!’s range has been designed to accomodate all. There are mild to hot flavours and everything in the range is gluten free, vegan and dairy friendly. It really is up to you how you use our kits – we guarantee you will achieve consistent, delicious flavours!

All curry kits are produced and packaged in the UK using the highest quality, sustainably sourced spices. We’re all about real cooking. No cheating. No processed foods. No timid flavours. Just a big, bold and brilliant way to make every meal go off with a BANG!

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